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02/10/2022 - Judith O. Paine-Marshall, Founder and Director of the Hollis D. Marshall Scholarship Fund may be reached at the following email:

This Christian scholarship fund honoring the Lord and her late husband, Hollis D. Marshall is no longer active. Over the years Judy Marshall authorized $1000 per student for their first year of college. This scholarship was for deserving candidates who excelled in their studies and who were wanting to make a difference in our world for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Judy lives in River Plantation (RP), Conroe, Texas. For the last 10 years Judy has been volunteering in her community as the "RP Trash Lady"! An affectionate term given to her as she picks up litter on the community streets of RP. She has three routes of approximately 3-4 miles each which she traverses with her litter bags and "pick-up-stick". During the 4th of July parade in 2021, Judy was asked to be the community honoree and she rode in a brand new 2021 orange corvette with the top down at the front of the parade route. This truly was a special "fun" day for her.

Judy Marshall is active in her present church,The Woodlands Methodist Church. Judy is on the Missions Board for the Good News Class and she is active with several missionary endeavors:

One international mission, WAVE, Judy has supported annually since Tea Deak, her second Hollis D. Marshall (HDM) scholarship recipient, founded it soon after she returned from attending Montgomery College in Conroe, TX to her present location is Fuzine, Croatia. WAVE, a Christian organization serving individuals active in Croatia, Bulgaria, Herzegovina, the Balkin Countries as well as in Germany and the UK.

Another mission is Colegio Bautista EL Calvario, a 501c3,, held in Managua, Nicaragua. This endeavor was started by Dirk Weisiger to help lift young students in Nicaragua out of poverty by getting individuals to support a student from elementary school through college. This project is also supported by Milton Key, who is the financial officer on the board. Judy Marshall, also a board member helped to organize the students in Google Drive in order that all can see the same students. The Board members solicit and look for individuals who will help sponsor a student for their educational journey through school and university. Judy, for the last several years has been sponsoring one young woman named, "Hardy". (What an appropriate name for someone trying to get out of the throes of poverty! I love that name. I hope to meet Hardy in December, 2022 at the students graduation from one grade to another.

Judy Marshall is presently working with Angel Reach, a local organization in Conroe, TX that helps and assists young people who have aged out of the foster care system. The director of this organization is Jean Radach who just happens to be the mother of Margo Radach, an HDM scholarship recipient in 2016-2017 who graduated in Business Communication from Colorado Christian University in Denver, Colorado. (Our God certainly has a way of connecting people as we go through life).

Judy Marshall has been an active member of the Woodlands Toastmasters Club since 2008. Judy obtained her DTM status (Distinguished Toastmasters) in 2011 and contributes regularly to the weekly meetings held on Friday mornings, 7:00AM. Just recently Judy was surprised on her 83rd birthday with a cake and flowers by her special Toastmaster friends.

If anyone is interested in Toastmasters or helping with any of the above missionary endeavors, please don't hesitate to get in contact with her at her email: (Life is good when you know the Lord!!)


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